Right Brain Code… What?

Right Brain Code is an amalgamation of a few diverse themes and is intentionally open to interpretation. You can read it as...

  • Right-Brain Code - Coding and computer science tips for the creatively minded. 

  • Write Brain-Code - Ideas on improving one's mental programming. 

  • Right, Brain, Code - Sharing my personal journey to become more righteous, expand my mind, and create amazing things with code.

Read it any way you like, but then subscribe and read it anyway :-)

Jeremiah Alexander… Who?

Hi, I'm Jeremiah, I currently redesign reality as an AR software engineer at Apple in SF, before that, I built the world's 1st dedicated AR prototyping tool, not long after I had finished training 100+ amazing developers as a coding instructor in Singapore, a country I relocated to from the UK after 10 years developing multiple awarding-winning projects as the founder of an educational games studio, which I started to help others ascend from humble beginnings .

You can also find me on MediumTwitterLinkedInInstagramand Github.